Studies show that there is another prominent addiction rising in the world. Reporter Kchris Griffin shows us why we’re always one app away from obsession.

A day in the life of Desmond Harvey, a coordinator of prospective student services in the Colleg of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. Harvey works everyday to ensure a better cowboy for the next generation. Although he is only 29 years old, Harvey is able to relate to the not only the people he works with but more importantly the students he interacts with.

Desmond Harvey Podcast

Nearly half of the major roads in Oklahoma City and Tulsa are in poor condition and are giving drivers an expensive maintenance fee.
Reporter Kchris Griffin shows us why drivers should worry about their vehicle operation costs.

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A majority of Oklahoma roads cause drivers to spend an average of $800 a year to keep up with their vehicle operating costs.

Among large cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa rank in the top 10 urban areas where drivers face high vehicle operating costs. because of deteriorated roads. Driving on roads in despair increases consumer costs. It accelerates vehicle deterioration and depreciation and increases needed maintenance, fuel consumption and tire wear.

Carl Gill, a Spanish junior said, the state must do something about the roads to better the safety of drivers.

“When it freezes, water gets into the cracks of the road that expands the roads causing the roads to break,” Gill said. “When you have the intense heat during the summer that causes more damage and it’s just the weather extremes.”

Road conditions expect to decline unless Congress approves additional revenues.

“Nobody really wants to pay more taxes, but it’s really the only solution in order to fund more you know road maintenance,” Gill said.

In Oklahoma City, drivers faced the fourth highest vehicle operating costs, which cost them on average $782.

The roads have a poor base, said Fred Dick, manager of Direct Discount Tire.

“If you notice when there is construction in any other state the base of the road is about twice what they use in Oklahoma,” Dick said.

In 2011, more than 27 percent of the nation’s major urban roads had pavements that were in substandard condition.

“Stillwater to some degree has become a bedroom community,” Dick said. “There are an awful lot that commute to Oklahoma City and Tulsa. They spend a tremendous amount of money on repairs. I can attest to that. We do it everyday.”

With Stillwater being located in the middle of the two cities, residents feel the affect of the issue.

These tires cost me $2,000 for the amount of my truck, said Holly Koehn, a Stillwater resident.

“With driving a big truck, it is costly,” Koehn said. “They’re a nicer tire but that’s still $2,000 a year.”

The nation would need to make a 91 percent increase to annual funding for roads and highways to make any significant improvement to their conditions, according to a 2010 U.S. Department of Transportation report.

“There are a lot of people that drive out of Stillwater for work, so that’s a problem for them,” Koehn said. “I drive out of town for work and it wears on my tires and my vehicle that’s for sure.”

Oklahoma State University serves as an example of the social, economic and cultural phenomenon that happens between a fan and his or her sports destination.

Sports tourism differs from each of its classifications but remains a growing sector of the travel industry and brings in revenues of $600 billion. Marketing to sport tourists is the goal of the industry, which makes bringing revenue and visitors to a certain location vital.

With this kind of connection, students have ties to the university, said Tian Lin, a hotel and administration graduate student.

“[Sports tourism] happens when a fan interacts with their destination of where the sports happen,” Lin said.

Students such as Jennifer Poole, an aviation management junior, take pride in the fact OSU has become a sports destination.

“I think it’s the atmosphere and just the sense of pride that you get in going to the school and knowing that everyone is coming together and for a moment everyone is united,” Poole said.

The National Basketball Association’s revenue rose 20 percent and has a net value of $5 billion, according to NBA.com

Bryan Finch, the director of sports management, said sports tourism stems from the idea of bringing people to a state or country.

“In Stillwater, I think it’s a big draw for the university student,” Finch said.   Because when you look at universities and think they have an exiting team, then you want to go to school there.”

As the industry grows, so does the relationship between sports and marketing.

“A lot of it is the community aspect of it,” Finch said. “There’s something to do. There’s an excitement to it. [Knowing] my family is gonna come in for this weekend’s game. So you wanna have that community experience, and sports is the best way to do that.”

Kchris Griffin shows us how Oklahoma State University is painting Picasso.

An artistic movement will make its way to downtown Stillwater.

The Oklahoma State University Museum of Art unveiled a first glimpse at its expansive art collection last week in a formal exhibition at the Postal Plaza Gallery in downtown Stillwater.  Titled “Sharing a Journey: Building the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art Collection,” the exhibit will open to the public weekdays and Saturdays through May 24.

Jordan Griffis, coordinator of marketing and communications, said giving the public the chance to view something different is a goal of the museum.

“We wanted to provide the viewing of traveling exhibitions, other artwork and cultural objects that our community wouldn’t of had access to otherwise,” Griffis said.

In 1933, the Postal Plaza Gallery served as the Stillwater post office. Although an art gallery now, the building went through a renovation.

“It’s just been a process trying ever since then to transform it from his historic post office to an art museum and a place that works for us,” Griffis said.

The museum serves as an educational outlet but also a place of many benefits for students.

The Museum works with the Department of Art, Graphic Design, and Art History at OSU, said Casey Pankey, weekend manager.

“[Students] can come downtown and be around the coffee shops and restaurants and stuff but still have that connection to campus,” Pankey said.

A nat sound project I made featuring Oklahoma State University’s Theta Pond.