She diggs me

So you have decided to wear something nice today. You know it’s an outfit that could possibly make a person stop and stare or at least give you one compliment. You get the feeling that your being watched or observed,  but you don’t want to seem cocky by smiling or desperate by looking her way. How can you tell that she or even they are diggin’ what your wearing you ask? It’s easy!


Stay cool and be yourself. There is no reason to strutt or do anything out of the ordinary. Remember the goal is not to impress anyone;however, you should still be noticeable. You don’t have to walk pass, wave, or even say hi to her. There is no need to look needy.

*Take a chill pill*

You should do this because believe it or not women are just as tricky as us fellas. This is when you let your swagger shine. Everything should come natural right? Patience is the key. This fact is true because you can’t force everyone to like you or your outfit. If you catch even the slightest giggle, smile or even make eye contact that means you have successfully intrigued that person or persons.

Believe me? Or believe me not …. just some *FOOD FOR THOUGHT*




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